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Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I have had such a fear of failure for so long. A great motivating force.

And a brain that looks around for signs I am failing. The list of mistakes.

But if I can let go, then I can let go of attachment to success as much as the fear of failure.

They both become unimportant.

They don't make doing things unimportant. It changes how I interact with the outcomes of what I do.

The intention in what I do is the most important thing.

If I am only caring about the outcomes of what I do from the framework of "success" "failure" the pressure is on how what I do is perceived "did so and so like this?" "did this get published?" "Am I ok?" "If this goes well I will get to feel good briefly because of the high of achievement"

Rather than "did I pour my creativity into something?" "How did that feel while I worked on the project?" "Did this contribute to making this world any better?" "Am I living out my intentions to be whole and give back?"

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