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And heading forward?

In the course "Queer Liberation Theologies of Latin American, Asian, and African Contexts" taught by Dr. Hugo Cordova Quero, we covered a lot of material covering global queer theology movements, and global queer and trans history. I know there is so much more to read about and learn about, the vast history of queer and transgender people across all cultures and time is more than one course can cover. There were several points along the way I want to understand more and do more research on in the future:

  • Investigating more of the history of Christianity before empire

  • Understanding more about liberation theology and also Black liberation theology and also history and practices within the United Church of Christ

  • Referring back to the summary materials for key authors/thinkers provided in our course, they provide helpful summaries of authors contributions to various scholarship, a really helpful inroad to a lot of complex material

  • Looking at more and understanding more of the Casta [caste] paintings, the information encoded within

  • A deeper dive into the impact and history of colonization and enslavement, including the impact on indigenous people and their cultures and knowledge, in Latin America. This is a wide sweeping topic as Latin America is not a monolith

  • Queer and transgender support for communities of the world, what to be watching for and being aware of, and knowing how to center voices and information to support justice, safety and freedom and asylum

  • Understanding more of the pre-colonial history and gender and sexuality of Latin America, those notes were amazing!

  • Delving more into the history known in Japan around same-sex relationships

  • More understanding of gender role diversity within what is not called India

  • More understanding of the current global role of Christianity for deep believers that also believe the faith can be on a different path, one that steps away from empire. What does decolonized Christianity look like and what can it be?

  • More exploration of the gender fluidity of global Gods/deities/spiritual icons, this exists and would like to see and understand more of this

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